BOAF – Who We Are and What We Believe

An excellent explanation of who BOAF is and what BOAF is about was prepared and distributed to our area legislators on Legislation Day 2013.  Thanks John O’Connor.


  • Building Code Professionals; experienced, educated and licensed in the administration of adopted Building Codes
  • Building Officials
  • Plans Examiners
  • Inspectors
  • Permit Technicians
  • Design Professionals
  • Contractors
  • Teachers of building code sciences
  • Resource as consultants and advisors on building code requirements, for homeowners design professionals and contractors


  • Building Codes Work, saving lives and property everyday
  • Effective Building Codes create safe communities
  • Building Code Professionals protect communities every day from unsafe conditions in the built environment
  • Building Code Development must be accomplished through a consensus process by
    Building Code Professionals
  • Building Code Professionals, Design Professionals, and Contractors benefit from joint training experiences


  • Protect communities through enforcement of adopted Building Codes
  • Educate all facets of the construction industry regarding the use of building codes in th design and construction of the built environment


  • Increase the mandatory continuing education requirement for architects, engineers, building code professionals and contractors by an additional 7 hours of building code training
  • Continuing education training programs for architects, engineers, building code professionals and contractors on building code subjects funded through the Florida Building Commission with excess funds from the building permit surcharge.
  • Code modifications that meet established criteria in statute, only during the tri-annual update.

View PDF of this here.

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