About Our Chapter

BOAF is a non-profit association of building code professionals: Building Officials, Plans Examiners, Inspectors, Permit Technicians, Design Professionals, Contractors and Building Code Science Educators.

Our Mission

  • Protect communities through enforcement of adopted building codes, and coordinate with other agencies and departments which review and enforce other requirements such as flood plain, impact fees for development, and zoning, among others
  • Educate all facets of the construction industry regarding the use of building codes in the design and construction of the built environment
  • Provide formal educational courses on specific building and code aspects open to all individuals for their own continuing education
  • Provide for workforce development opportunities for those persons interested in this field
  • Provide formal and informal building code interpretations for the Florida Building Commission


Ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the public through safe building practices.

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Officers &
Board of Directors


Ismael Castro

John Abner
Vice President

Joey Rodriguez, Sr.

Rick Brumbry

Board of Directors

Chris Richardson
Deputy Chief Electrical Inspector Orange County Building Safety

Ashley Ong
Past President

Chris Richardson

Become A Chapter Member

Memberships are available for the calendar year are as follows:

Professional Membership

A designated representative of a governmental unit or agency engaged in the administration or formulation of laws and ordinances relating to building construction including but not limited to.

Industry Membership

Members shall be a individual or firm, incorporated or unincorporated, engaged in the practice of architecture, engineering, private third-party inspection services, manufacturing or sale of products, materials, services related to construction or building regulations.

Honorary Membership

An individual who has rendered outstanding and meritorious services in the furtherance of the objectives of this Chapter and who shall be proposed by the Board of Directors and confirmed by a majority vote at any regular meeting.

Retired Membership

Any former Professional member who is retired.

Student Membership

An individual enrolled in classes or a course or study in Building Inspection Technology or related fields of instruction and not eligible for Professional Membership.

About the International Code Council

The International Code Council is a nonprofit association that provides a wide range of building safety solutions including product evaluation, accreditation, certification, codification and training. It develops model codes and standards used worldwide to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures.

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Protect the health, safety and welfare of people by creating safe buildings and communities.


To provide the highest quality codes, standards, products and services for all concerned with the safety and performance of the built environment.


Customer Value, Integrity and Trust, Member Focus, Professionalism, Public Service, & Quality.