2024 Bill Neese—Bill Tangye–Ralph W. Jones, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Awards Program



The Central Florida Chapter of the Building Officials Association of Florida/International Code Council (hereafter called “the Central Florida Chapter”, “the CF Chapter” or “the Chapter”) has established a scholarship fund in memory of three of its founders and lifelong contributors to honor and to further the education of persons selected by the scholarship selection committee pursuant to the criteria below. The contributions of these men to the organization and industry may be viewed at www.cfboaf.net.

The award(s) will be known as the Bill Neese—Bill Tangye–Ralph W. Jones, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Award(s) and shall be in the amount of no less than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) awarded to as many as two (2) recipients annually. In addition, one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) will be contributed to the Building Official’s Association of Florida BOAF Scholarship Program.


To be eligible for this award, the applicant must be a member, dependent son or daughter or dependent stepson or stepdaughter of a member, or grandchild of a member of the Central Florida Chapter. The applicant must be sponsored by that member.

Scholastic Standing

Applicants applying as an entering freshmen must have been accepted as a full-time student, as defined by that institution, at an accredited college or community college and must have maintained a scholastic grade point average of “B” or better as defined by that institution for the two (2) years of high school study preceding their application; or if applicants are currently enrolled in an accredited college or community college, they must have carried a minimum of ten (10) hours credit or equivalent and have maintained a cumulative “B” scholastic average as defined by that institution.

Applicants shall provide documentation of the institution’s letter grade equivalency for any grade point averages submitted.

Letters of Recommendation

Applicants making their initial application must furnish three (3) letters of recommendation, including one (1) from his or her CF Chapter sponsor attesting to the student’s scholastic ability, character and worthiness to receive a merit award to further his or her education. Previous scholarship recipients are required to submit one (1) new letter of recommendation each year.


All applications and other required materials must be received by the CF Chapter Merit Scholarship Awards Committee by the close of business on February 26, 2024, in order to be considered for this calendar year. Awards will be announced/presented at the Chapter’s Annual Spring Meeting. Recipient(s) of the award will be contacted ahead of time and should make every effort to be at the event for the presentation. *

  • Completed applications must be submitted by mailing to:
    • Central Florida Chapter BOAF
      Attn: Scholarship Awards Committee
      PO Box 1762
      Orlando, FL 32802
  • Letters of recommendation
    • New applicants – Three (3) letters required. One must be from the Chapter sponsor who shall be a member in good standing.
    • Previous recipients – One (1) new letter of recommendation.
  • Transcripts and Test Scores
    • High School Seniors: A certified copy of the student’s transcript for the preceding two (2) years must be included and copies of the student’s SAT/ACT or other generally accepted testing service scores.
    • College freshmen: A certified copy of the college fall semester grades if you have carried a minimum of ten (10) credit hours. If you are not a previous recipient of this scholarship include a certified copy of the high school transcript and copies of the student’s SAT/ACT or other generally accepted testing services scores.
  • All others: A certified copy of your college transcript(s), including all semester grades. Please make a request with your institution to have an official transcript mailed directly to the Awards. Chairman once fall grades have been processed.
  • A research paper from the approved topic list (attached) must be submitted in typed form and double spaced. Electronic submittal in Word format is preferred. See additional requirements on topic list.
  • Please also send an electronic back up copy of the submittal to Allen Johnson at ALJohnson@teamues.com


The Scholarship Selection Committee shall base its awards upon

a) scholastic achievement

b) character

c) worthiness

d) quality of research paper


Awards shall be transmitted to the academic institution or the recipient for the Fall semester of study. Failure to request the funds within 180 days of the announcement of the awards may be grounds for forfeiture of the award. Any excess award funds are required to be returned to the Central Florida Chapter within the year received.


  • Award recipients will be announced and introduced to the Chapter members at the annual Chapter picnic which will be held on April 6, 2024, at the Extension Services Building located at 1921 Chief Osceola Trail, Kissimmee, Florida 34744. Recipients are asked to attend the 11:30 a.m. picnic, if at all possible. The awards will follow.
  • April 6th, 2024
  • 1921 Chief Osceola Trail, Kissimmee, Fl. 34744

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