CFBOAF Meeting Minutes 12/13/23

  1. 9:00 President Ashley Ong calls meeting to order
  2. Education Course – Tom Miller Cell # 813-477-8973
  3. Invocation and prayer – John Abner
  4. Members – quorum
  5. 50/50 – NA
  6. Approval of minutes – (Motion to approve Joey)
  7. Treasurer’s report – Joey Rodriguez – (Motion to approve John)
  8. Old Business –
  9. New Business – Mr Whitmore introduced possibility of starting a permit tech nation chapter, Joey asked about rekeying PO Box, Joey asked about working toward properly achieving non-profit status. Joey asked for approval to pay $250 to Pat Crum for taxes (Motion to Approve Tom)
  10. Committee Reports:

Education – Ish, class on code changes, December 18 at GOBA, suggestions for future classes, Legal aspects for ISO,

Legislative – John – discussion on talking to legislators, volunteering for committees

Activities – Chris Richardson (Golf Tournament), Ish & Joey (Picnic) – check out calendar on, invite executive committee for GOBA? (Ish) (Motion by John)

Scholarship committee – nothing at this time

Nominating Committee – Tom Allen – Need nominee for director for CFBOAF

By-Laws Update – New By-Laws coming

BOAF state director report – Over a million in reserve, 3000 members

Mutual Aid – Tom Allen nothing at this time

By-Laws Update – no meeting to date

BOAF state director report – BOAF will be hosting member dinner at ICC conference

Mutual Aid – FDEM asking for inspectors and vendors

Region 9 – Website has been updated

ICC Update – Kris – Code Hearing coming to Orlando,

BCAIB Update – December 6-8, over 90% approval – Next meeting February

Florida Building Commission – NA

Code interpretation discussion – Exposure D, Windborn debris region

Next meeting – January 10th 2024

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