CFBOAF Meeting Minutes 02/14/24

1. 9:00 President Ashley Ong calls meeting to order
2. Education Course – Energy conservation code, Kristopher Stenger
3. Invocation and prayer – John Abner
4. Members – quorum
5. Approval of minutes – (Motion to approve Jason K.)
6. Treasurer’s report – Jason Kipfinger – (Motion to approve John)
7. Old Business –
8. New Business – Motion to add $300 to budget to buy lunches for GOBA staff (Jason K. – approved)
9. Committee Reports:
Education – Ish – classes until August (no classes April or March), Renalda – updating website with education information

Legislative – John/Tom – Legislative day, bill reports

Activities – Chris (Golf Tournament), Tom & Ish (Picnic) – Picnic April 6th 11-3

Scholarship committee – Allen Johnson, Ashley – No applicant at this point, Ish mentioned changing rules for who’s eligible

Nominating Committee – Tom Allen – Nominating committee to make final determination for director of CFBOAF.

By-Laws Update – Tom Allen – New By-Laws coming
BOAF state director report – Tom Allen – Meeting February 23, John Abner attending, Award nomination (March 8th deadline)

Mutual Aid – Tom Allen – nothing at this time

Region 9 – Next meeting in March with Louisiana building official conference

ICC Update – Mike, Kris – 30 year celebration, ICC Awards, Code Hearing schedule posted, Energy code appeals process on-going(Tom is on board), 1100 proposed code changes for group A

BCAIB Update – February 7-9 309 of 340 approved – Next meeting April 17-19 in Cocoa, looking at additional provisional licenses, possible voluntary license for floodplain manager, educational grants, application 6 weeks prior to meeting

Florida Building Commission – Tom Allen – Friday is existing, glitch errata being heard by TAC’s, new chair of FBC

Code interpretation discussion – Tom Lilly passed away(Roy), Windborne debris

Next meeting – March 13th 2024 –


Meeting adjourned 11:15

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